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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Graduates still earn more than their peers over the course of their careers

Male graduates earn an average of £168,000 more than their peers who did not go to university over the course of their lifetime, according to a report published by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Female graduates, meanwhile, earn £252,000 more than their less qualified counterparts. read more...


Can taking a gap year be good for your career?

Traditionally a gap year was taken by a student between finishing college or sixth form and starting university. Nowadays it's also reasonably common for graduates to take a gap year before entering the world of work or continuing their education at a postgraduate level. read more...


Do you live or study in one of Britain's best cities?

Bristol has been named the overall best city to live in Britain. The Sunday Times' Best Places to Live in Britain profiled all 64 cities in the UK, considering a number of different aspects such as things to do, nightlife, “buzz”, location and cost of living. read more...


Does it matter what university you studied at?

There's a perception in the UK and indeed, right around the world, that where you studied is as important as what you studied and how well you did. read more...


What skills do you need for a career in nursing?

Being a nurse can be a very rewarding career but it can also be extremely challenging and isn't for everyone. read more...


Students remain positive about their tuition fees 'investment'

The majority of students still believe the debt they accrue during their studies is likely to be an acceptable investment into their future careers, a new study has found. read more...


How to get a job in politics

How to bring more diversity to the upper echelons in British politics remains a subject of ongoing debate but being a career politician is certainly not the only way to get a job in politics. In fact it can be an extremely precarious position and is unlikely to be any graduate's first role. read more...


What did I do wrong? Five possible reasons why you didn't get the job

Looking for a job can be a frustrating process. If you've been turned down some employers will take the time to provide you with feedback if you request it, but many will simply be too busy, or will provide a vague reason that isn't terribly valuable. read more...


Graduate recruiters say a 'global mindset' can give you the edge

Globalisation and rapid strides in communication technology have combined to make the world seem like a smaller place. read more...


How to make the most of an internship

It can seem like a Catch-22 situation.

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