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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


The skills employers are really looking for

As well as knowledge of your subject itself, studying for a degree should have equipped you with a number of transferable skills. read more...


Should you consider applying to an SME?

Traditionally, graduates have tended to be drawn towards larger employers. It's still the case that many major companies offer very attractive graduate schemes and career paths but small and medium enterprises (SMEs) certainly shouldn't be written off. read more...


Employability Awards celebrate the best in student placement schemes

The fifth National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards took place last week at etc.venues near St. Paul's, London. read more...


How to find volunteering roles

Volunteering can be a great way to give something back and to make a real difference to the people and places around you. You can volunteer for an organisation that operates on a global or local scale and dedicate your time and energy to something you believe in. read more...


'Resilient' women perform better than male counterparts

A new study suggests that 'resilient' female students tend to perform better in their first year of study than male counterparts with the same qualities. read more...


Is it time to spring clean your CV?

After the rain and floods that have swamped the country, it looks like spring has finally sprung. If you've gained any new skills or experience since you first wrote it, now might be a good time to spring clean your CV. read more...


University recruiters turn to digital media

Universities are allocating more resources engaging with potential new students through social media and other digital platforms, a new study has found. read more...


Watch what you tweet: how your digital footprint could damage your employability

It's an area that raises all sorts of ethical questions related to your right to privacy but, whether you like it or not, survey after survey has revealed that employers are increasingly using social media as an additional way of screening potential employees. read more...


4 reasons to consider a career in retail

Retail might not have the same glamorous allure of sectors like media or the law, but a career in retail can be fast-paced, challenging and exciting – not to mention financially rewarding. read more...


CBI wants more women in sciences

The UK's biggest business group wants universities to set “diversity targets” aimed at encouraging more women into the sciences. read more...

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