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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


How to get a job in sound engineering

Sound engineers can also be known under a variety of alternative titles, including audio engineer, sound technician and recording engineer. 

They can work in a variety of creative industries, including music (both live and recorded), TV, film and video games. read more...


Five apps to help in your job search

There's an app for pretty much everything these days and job hunting is no different. read more...


Cambridge tops new university league table for 2015

The University of Cambridge has retained its status as the top rated UK university in the league table published by The Complete University Guide. read more...


STEM subjects given 'geek chic' appeal by Brian Cox and The Big Bang Theory

A new survey suggests that nearly half of young people are more likely to consider STEM subjects after the subjects have been showcased in hit TV shows. read more...


New report says graduates should continue to use their skills in the workplace

It's implied in slightly more academic terms but 'use it or lose it' appears to be one of the main messages in a new report from education firm Pearson. read more...


What can I do with a degree in American Studies?

American Studies is certainly not the most vocational of subjects. There are few jobs that it directly equips you for but it is a strongly multidisciplinary subject that can open doors to a wide range of different jobs and sectors. read more...


Getting a job in ecotourism

Tourism is a vital part of many economies around the world, including many of the poorest. It brings in much needed income but it can also be detrimental to the local environment. read more...


Grammar school girls earn up to a fifth more than their peers

Girls who attended selective grammar schools are likely to earn an average of 20% more than peers from comprehensive schools, according to new research. read more...


Which jobs bring the most 'life satisfaction'?

If you're currently looking to land your first graduate job or kickstart your career you will no doubt have a number of considerations in mind. read more...


Zero hour contracts are on the rise – but by how much?

Zero hour contracts have become a political hot potato in recent months. There's little doubting that the prevalence of these contracts have risen substantially over the past few years but pinning down the number of people actually working these jobs is proving problematic. read more...

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