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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Universities show support for PR Internships For All initiative

Internships are an ideal way for undergraduates or recent graduates to get their first footing in the world of work. read more...


Documentary shines spotlight on student experience at Leicester University

For those counting down the weeks until their first term at university, their only taste of student life is likely to have come from a combination of university open days and stories regaled by graduates who have already ‘been there and done that’. read more...


Degree bill would be worth it for dream career, say 73%

Almost three-quarters (73%) of students feel that their degree would be worth the amount of student loan they had to repay – but only if they secured their dream career. read more...


Majority of graduates switch careers before they hit 24

The employment market greeting today’s graduates is filled with possibilities. With so much to sample it’s no wonder that modern graduates are reluctant to stick to a linear career path, taking each opportunity they can get to try a career new. read more...


Landing your graduate job: contacts and skills key research reveals

Time and time again UK graduates have been warned that in a competitive market a degree does not guarantee career success. Instead academics and leading industry figures are emphasising the importance of employability skills to enable graduates to hit the ground running as they enter the jobs market. read more...


Want a creative career? Then head North

When it comes to embarking on a career in industries such as design, art, music and IT it seems that the words creativity and competition go hand in hand. read more...


60-minute commute is tipping point for 49%

How far would you go to secure your dream graduate job? Well according to the latest research when employees talk about going the distance in their roles, it actually amounts to a total of no more than 60-minutes door to door. read more...


Surviving on a student budget – 5 top tips

Although a student menu will always feature beans on toast at least twice a week and the ‘bank of mum and dad’ will see regular withdrawals throughout the year, students can finds ways to make the most of their lowly spending pots. read more...


The art of landing a graduate internship

While some industries have a long history of offering work experience or work placement opportunities, such as publishing, others are just beginning to take on interns as a ‘try before you buy’ recruitment tactic. read more...


Read all about it! Bauer Media teams with City University to help magazine undergraduates

When it comes to breaking into the competitive world of journalism contacts and insider knowledge are generally considered to hold the key to getting ahead. read more...

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