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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


University of Lincoln launches £3k chemistry scholarships

Some of the most eminent minds in scientific history hail from Lincolnshire, so it seems only fitting that a scholarship scheme has been set up in the county to nurture the next generation of scientists. read more...


Graduate wins Postcode Lottery scholarship

Winning the lottery isn’t even a once in a lifetime opportunity if the odds aren’t right. But one graduate from Caerphilly proved that Lady Luck was truly on her side. read more...


Law students share their view on UK law firms

Today’s students are keen to ensure that they are making the most of out of their experience of working life. This could be anything from negotiating the right benefits package to asking for a promotion in their first year. read more...


Graduate scoops job 12hrs after announcing skills at tube station

With scores of graduates vying for each job, sending off a perfectly completed application is no longer enough to ensure that you secure the job of your dreams. read more...


Cambridge and Oxford among top five world universities

The University of Cambridge and The University of Oxford have claimed 4th and 5th placed respectively in a ranking of world universities. read more...


CV blind interview process extended by Macfarlanes

Today’s employers are increasingly looking for ways to ensure that the candidate interview process is as fair as possible. And the CV blind interview is the latest development in this area. read more...


Identical twins graduate from identical degrees

Identical twins often share a special bond and many of the same interests. And this idea was recently demonstrated by identical twin members of Sunderland University’s graduating class of 2014. read more...


Work experience on Holby City? Paid creative internships up for grabs

As part of its bid to attract new talent into the creative industries, the government has pledged £4 million to promote diversity in the sector. read more...


Hunt on for Graduate of the Year 2014

Did you pass your degree with flying colours? Or cut your teeth as an entrepreneur fresh out of uni?  If the answer is yes to either of these questions then you could be one of the candidates in the running for Graduate of the Year 2014. read more...


Universities have vital role to play in boosting language skills

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, language skills are becoming increasingly sought after by today’s employers. read more...

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