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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


More male MBA graduates envision themselves in management roles, reveals study

MBA graduates are some of the world’s most sought after candidates, with data from the QS Global Employer Surveys showing that MBA hiring by renowned multinationals such as Amazon and Apple is on the up. read more...


Graduate Barometer 2014 reveals what female and male graduates really want

Today’s graduates are becoming increasingly discerning over what they will and won’t accept from their first graduate job. read more...


Graduate diversity programmes help to increase number of female employees in square mile

If you’re a female graduate considering working in the finance sector, the good news is that employment opportunities for women in London’s square mile are increasing. read more...


PhD student from Manchester University wins award for first novel

They say there’s a book inside all of us and for Manchester University PhD student Caroline Chisholm, this book was definitely worth prizing out. read more...


Maastricht University invites UK undergraduates to open day

With annual university tuition fees now rising to £9,000 across many UK institutions, would-be undergraduates are increasingly being lured by the prospect of a lower-cost university education in other parts of Europe. read more...


1.6m engineers use their skills in wider economy

The headlines are often filled with the news of an impending engineering skills shortage, with official figures highlighting a significant gulf between the demand and supply of skilled engineers. read more...


Here’s what undergraduates love about their degree in...clock-making!

Party season is almost upon us, and as mingling gets underway conversation inevitably turns to what you’re studying and why you chose that particular discipline. read more...


LSE in top 20 Billionaire’s Institutions ranking

The London School of Economics (LSE) has placed tenth in a ranking of the world’s top 20 Billionaire’s Institutions. read more...


Graduates should pay back degree fees to universities from future income, says think tank

The current system of student loans should be replaced by a levy on graduates’ future earnings, a free-market think-tank has argued. read more...


BA donates Boeing 737 to Cranfield University

University campuses are often a hive of activity, which each day in the academic calendar bringing something new to marvel at. read more...

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