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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Projected graduate salaries can influence degree subject choice, finds study

When it comes to our choice of university degree subject it seems that our choices are not always entirely our own with parents and peers all having a potential influence on which direction we take. read more...


Lettuce on Mars: undergraduates reach final with tasty project idea

Humans have long held a fascination with the second smallest planet in our solar system, with countless NASA missions venturing out to explore the mysterious surface of the red planet. read more...


NUS publishes Roadmap for Free Education

The National Union of Students (NUS) has published a report which explores their ‘commitment to the public funding of higher education’. read more...


Mechanical engineers among 12 roles offering best prospects for future jobseekers

Undergraduates who are already preparing themselves for their future careers could do well to peruse the list of 12 job roles offering the best opportunities for soon-to-be jobseekers. read more...


More than half of parents attempt to sway children’s university choices

Growing up we’re always taught to respect our elders. As a result when our folks have a few words to say about or choice of university, we feel that it would defy common sense not to listen to their pearls of wisdom. read more...


£9,000 = the average graduate premium

While some still question how well a university degree prepares graduates for the world of work, the latest figures have shown that graduates continue to attract an earnings premium as they progress in their careers. read more...


Want a summer internship for £18,000 pro rata? Then head to Lloyds

The debate around the quality of student internships is continuing apace, with the London Assembly Economy Committee the latest to make a call for good quality, paid internships. read more...


Mother and daughter graduate from MA's within a day of each other

A mother and daughter have both completed their MA's from the same university at the same time, receiving their certificates just a day apart from each other. read more...


Lincolnshire University offers £3,000 scholarship for next maths whizz

If the thought of grappling with complicated mathematical algorithms fills you with delight, then a new scholarship programme from Lincolnshire University could be just the thing for you. read more...


Cambridge University tops global employability ranking

A recent survey conducted by the University and College Union revealed that the lack of job guarantee was the chief barrier to taking up a place on a higher education course for 40% of 13 to 17-year-olds. read more...

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