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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Workers in the public sector are least likely to be happy in the office

Workers in the public sector have the lowest levels of morale of any UK workers, a new study by management firm Roffey Park has revealed.

The study of nearly 500 UK managers across a range of organisations found that an estimated 40 per cent of workers in the public sector were believed to be de-motivated or unhappy. read more...


Jobs at Severn Trent to go as focus turns back to water

Around 600 jobs at Severn Trent are to be cut as the utility firm continues its conversion from a conglomerate back into being far more focused on its primary water division.

News of the cuts in jobs at Severn Trent comes despite the company's announcement of a 9. read more...


Innovative Midlands' project will help open doors for graduates

A new scheme being pioneered by Aston University will help SMEs in the Midlands greatly extend their research capabilities as well as improve the way they look for graduates. read more...


Careers at McDonald's come in for rich praise

More high-level professionals than ever are being tempted into and rewarded by careers at McDonald's, with the fast-food chain now receiving two prestigious awards for its recruitment and staffing practices. read more...


Google is new entry on graduate recruitment wish-list

Internet search giant Google is a new entry on a long-running poll to find the employers that top student-favourites for prospective graduate employment. read more...


Signs of house price slowdown may be good news for UK graduates

Fears that recent UK graduates may find it increasingly hard to step on to the housing ladder may be allayed as UK house prices slowly look to be losing steam. read more...


Student funding reforms must undergo serious analysis

The government has been warned that it needs to hold wider discussions into any planned student funding reforms that might lead to an increasingly 'Americanised' university system in the UK. read more...


Student loans are "feeding into debt culture"

Students must be more careful about borrowing money amid claims that student loans have helped to create a "debt culture" among many young university-goers. read more...


Marketing graduates concerned over internet teaching techniques

A survey of UK marketing graduates has found that many see their most likely career paths to be with internet-based companies - but that many feel that their university course did not place sufficient emphasis on online techniques. read more...


Graduate careers survey shows strong variance amongst sectors

A graduate careers survey based on information collected through face-to-face interviews with more than 17,000 final-year students has shown strong variation among how graduates from different subject sectors expect to fare over the course of the coming next year. read more...

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