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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


UK graduates must be more tech-savvy to get ahead

Huge technological advances mean that UK graduates must become far more proactive in their job hunts if they are to land the best positions, according to a leading industry expert. read more...


New age rules must not affect opportunities for graduate employees

Amid a welter of new age discrimination laws which has seen many UK company managers become ever more sensitive to the needs of older workers, a leading business professional has warned that the progress of graduate employees must not be neglected. read more...


Graduate employers continue to increase scope of psychometric testing

A raft of new technological advances means that more and more graduate employers are using sophisticated psychometric testing techniques to sort through candidates for positions within their companies. read more...


Student loan debt is inevitable but can be controlled

New and existing students in the UK must be prepared to accumulate some student loan debt in the current higher education environment, but should be careful when considering any further loan or credit options. read more...


Poor communication puts people off graduate jobs in retail

A lack of proper marketing and communication techniques is serving to perpetuate some of the negative images which put many people off considering graduate jobs in retail, a new report has found. read more...


Leading UK leisure company ups bid for Everlast

Leading UK leisure company Sports Direct International has increased its bid for top US boxing brand Everlast to $182.3m (£90.7m). read more...


Leading union resists possible EU changes to public sector recruitment

Unison, the UK's biggest public sector union, has responded critically to suggestions for further European work and business regulations which would have a serious impact on British public sector recruitment. read more...


Scottish graduates break 20k barrier

Average prospective salaries for university graduates in Scotland have exceeded £20,000 for the first time, according to a new report.

Glasgow based management consultancy firm Hay Group found that the average graduate wage was £20,254 this year, up from £19,872 in 2006. read more...


Graduate debt 'inevitable'

Most people who decide to further their education by going to university will leave with some debt, according to one expert, but the trick is to keep it under control.

Frances Walker, spokesperson for the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has said that debt is simply a part of life for a lot of students and graduates. read more...


Best graduate jobs from the best schools?

The government should set up a commission to investigate the contribution of secondary education patterns to poor social mobility in the UK, educational campaigning charity the Sutton Trust has said. read more...

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