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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Future graduates deterred by rising costs

Prospective graduates are being put off university by its increasing costs, new research has shown.

As the average graduate leaves with debts of up to £30,000, 24 per cent of young adults now believe that a degree is pointless waste of time and money. read more...


Four in five students become graduates

Around four-fifths of university students successfully complete their course and graduate, according research.

The figures, form the National Audit Office (NAO), show that 28,000 full time and 87,000 part-time undergraduates failed to start the second year of their course in 2004/2005 entry. read more...


Students only gain from fees is graduate debt

The introduction of fees for university-goers has been of little benefit of them, students claim.

According to the National Union of Students (NUS), there has been little improvement in service for the fees spent, which has left many graduates in heavy debt, reports the BBC. read more...


Budget and save: ways to avoid graduate debt

A list of top student finance tips has been compiled by finance search engine Moneyfacts to help tackle rising graduate debt.

The list offers various methods of keeping finances in check to ensure bright students don't become broke graduates. read more...


Graduates look east for opportunity

UK graduates are flocking east to new European Union states in order to find employment.

Skilled university leavers are in high demand across various industry sectors in eastern Europe, reports the Guardian.

Among the most popular areas for gradate ex-pats are property, economics and teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). read more...


Paranoid at work? You should be...



Survey highlights top 5 most common CV errors

Easily avoidable errors are common among CVs according to the results of a recent survey by specialist technical and engineering recruitment firm, NES Overseas. read more...


'Hidden job market' can be found online

The 'hidden job market' of graduate recruitment among small businesses is well worth finding, according to the Graduate Recruitment Bureau.

Although the large companies offer higher salaries, smaller businesses often provide more opportunity to gain experience and a greater chance of achieving promotion, the Bureau points out. read more...


Networking sites could help and hinder graduates

Graduate job seekers may find that networking websites such as Myspace, Facebook and Bebo could be both friend and foe when looking for employment, onrec.com reports.

It seems that opinion is split on the matter. read more...


Graduate retail jobs an attractive option for university leavers

More university leavers are viewing graduate retail jobs as a high quality career path, new research has found.

Around 30 per cent of retail employees now have some form of university education be it a first degree or a post graduate qualification, reports onrec. read more...

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