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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Degree classification key to graduate employment

Students who have graduated from university with a 2:1 or higher have an unemployment rate of around 6 per cent, new figures have shown. read more...


Companies left counting the cost of 'sickies'

Days off due to fraudulent illness are costing UK companies £3.5 billion a year, new research has claimed.

The study, conducted by Peninsula, suggests that that more than 82 million days are taken off with bogus illness and that, including legitimate sickness, the cost to firms is £20.9 billion. read more...


Graduates may face £20,000 debt

Students starting university next year could face graduate debt of over £20,000, according to new research.

A student survey, compiled by Lloyds TSB, has shown that last year's intake may leave university with up to £17,500 worth of debt, with the figure increasing by £2,500 for future graduates. read more...


CBI: Bursaries needed to attract students to science

Cash should be offered to students as an incentive to study sciences at degree level, it has been suggested.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is urging the government to offer students £1,000 bursaries to help overcome the skills shortage in the area. read more...


Graduates increasingly shunning nine to five

Graduate employees in the business sector are increasingly working late night hours, a new study has claimed.

According to officebroker.com many business centres are beginning to operate 24 hours a day in order to provide for late night workers. read more...


Less than half of students covered

Only 40 per cent of university goers have adequate insurance cover, the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) has claimed.

Research by BIBA suggests that although up to 38,500 students may be burgled during their studies, only four in ten will be able to successfully file an insurance claim. read more...


Variation of location: workers want time outside the office

Graduates and university students of the future may work in locations as diverse as the beach or on mountain tops, if the current crop of office workers get their wish. read more...


Graduates turn to academic sector for answers

More than half a million graduates are currently looking for university and research jobs, a new study has found.

According to the figures, produced by jobs.ac.uk, more than 500,000 graduates are trawling the internet to find academic work, a 15 per cent increase on last year.

Director of jobs.ac.


Banks should accept 'student responsibility'

Lenders should act more responsibly and not offer students excessive funds that they will not be able to repay, a high street bank has claimed.

With student debt on the increase it has been suggested that offering large overdrafts and credit cards to university applicants will only add to their graduate debt. read more...


Mum and Dad should save toward student costs

Parents should "prepare as early as possible" for the cost of their son and daughter becoming graduates, new research has claimed.

The study, by investment company F&C, is urging parents to begin saving for the future to lighten the financial burden awaiting their children. read more...

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