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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Accountancy firms dominate grad list

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and other big accountancy firms were, once again, among the top companies for graduate employment, new research indicates. read more...


University courses "dumbing down" standards

A leading member of the Welsh executive has accused the government of "dumbing down" university degrees.

The chairman of the Professional Association of Teachers (PAT), Peter Morris, claimed in order to boost the number of graduates the government has distorted the value of further education. read more...


Students want better feedback

University students want their course tutors to provide an improved system of assessment and feedback, a recent study has claimed.

The National Student Survey results show that 38 per cent of students were not happy with the way their assessments were handled.

And students studying north of the border were the most unhappy. read more...


Universities urged to churn out more mature graduates

Britain's universities have been told that they should tailor more of their courses towards mature students.

The plea came from John Denham, universities secretary, who is desperately trying to plug the skills gap. read more...


UK graduates love their courses

The vast majority of UK graduates were happy with their courses, a new large-scale study has found.

Research by the National Student Survey suggests that, overall, 80 per cent of final year students were pleased with their courses. read more...


Half of female IT graduates receive lower pay

More than half of all women in IT roles believe that they are earning less than their male counterparts, new research has revealed.

The study by Intellect, entitled Perceptions of equal pay, also suggests that the number of women working in the sector has decreased by 16 per cent. read more...


Graduate jobseekers choose carefully - a fifth dislike their work

Graduate jobseekers hoping to start a brand new career should chose carefully - more than a fifth of workers are unhappy at work.

The Happiness at Work Index, by Badenoch & Clark charts the job satisfaction of office employees across the country. read more...


Many finance graduates welcome stress

A number of financial sector employees, many of them graduates, do not believe that the stress of their job is a bad thing.

According to a poll by Elements, 72 per cent of accountants believed that their jobs were becoming more stressful but around half of them claimed that the stress yielded positive rewards, reports onrec. read more...


Cut in funding for second degree graduates

University students hoping to continue in education by picking up a second degree will find it more difficult after decided government to cut the level of funding.

The changes will affect the students who are hoping to get another undergraduate degree or pick up another qualification at a lower level. read more...


Graduates 'wary' of healthcare crisis

Graduates and other jobseekers should carefully assess the health benefits offered by employers before they commit themselves to a new position.

According to research by HAS, around a third of employees do not believe that their company is succeeding in giving the right health advice. read more...

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