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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Diplomas could 'spell the end of A-Levels'

The traditional path followed by students prior to entering university could change under new government proposals.

Plans unveiled by the schools secretary Ed Balls would mean increasing numbers of the graduates of tomorrow would enter university without A-Levels. read more...


Christmas workers must have 'normal employment rights'

Temporary workers, including graduates, recruited in the run up to the festive season must be given the same rights and privileges as other staff, an expert has warned. read more...


Graduates still looking to move into property market

Thousands of UK students are looking to buy a property in the town or city they are studying in, a new study has found.

The survey, undertaken by Abbey, discovered that 154,000 students hoped to purchase a property in their university town, while 88,000 already do own a house or flat. read more...


Growth in IT helpdesk positions is 'good news for graduates'

A growth in IT helpdesk positions is good news for anyone looking to pursue a graduate IT career, an expert has claimed.

New figures released by theitjobboard.com revealed a 45 per cent increase in demand for helpdesk positions compared to the same period last year. read more...


Graduates must not go for easiest option

Young people such as graduates should shop around for their life insurance instead of settling with their mortgage broker.

That's the opinion of Sainsbury's bank, which said that young people may end up spending more than they need to by not investigating other options just because they opt for "the easiest thing to do". read more...


Top graduates needed for teaching

The government must focus on trying to recruit high-quality graduates to the teaching profession if they want to improve education in the UK, according to a former head of the schools standards unit. read more...


Buyers put off entering housing market

Potential homebuyers, such as those who have secured a graduate job, are being put off buying their own home and are choosing to rent, according to a new survey. read more...


Government is looking for IT graduates

The cabinet office has launched a new scheme will provide a host of graduate IT jobs.

The government is hoping to recruit the nest generation of public sector IT leaders through the new Civil Service Technology In Business Fast Stream initiative and plans to appoint up to 20 graduates this year. read more...


Lenders reel in their mortgages

Many of those looking for graduate jobs will be hoping that their new careers will allow them to take out a mortgage in the near-off future. read more...


Graduates must be aware the City is fast paced

Graduates hoping for careers in the City should be aware of the fast pace of life in the sector, a financial economist has advised. read more...

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