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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


High paying jobs that will wipe your student debt

A staggering 60% of students expect to have to deal with in excess of £10,000 of debt once they have completed their studies – and according to recent research by the Institute of Fiscal studies, over half of graduates will still be paying off their student loans in their 50s. read more...


The 2012 Graduate Games

As the nation  basks in the afterglow of a fantastic Olympic Games held in our capital city,  life is slowly returning to normal. Many of the athletes on Team GB admitted to feeling relief rather than happiness initially, after winning a medal or once  their event had come to a close. read more...


Lure of the Far East may prove hard to resist for struggling UK graduates

With very few jobs for graduates available at the moment, unimpressed UK graduates are jetting off to China to escape Britain’s financial woes – and gain some life experience while they’re at it. read more...


From London 2012 to Rio 2016: where do you see yourself in four years time?

Recent graduates are weighed down by the burden of debt and unemployment. Kingston University graduate Ed McKeever is also weighed down – but with 400g of gold after having clinched first place in the 200m sprint kayak on Saturday. read more...


From tangible tats to dodgy snaps: what you should (temporarily) relinquish to land a job

Tattoos and work have always been regarded a bit of a risky combination. While employers worry they don’t come across as professional to clients, candidates fret they may harm their chances of getting a job. read more...


Feeling nostalgic about university already? Take a year-long trip down memory lane

Recent graduates may be feeling somewhat ‘over-the-hill’ of late. The majority are coming face-to-face with the world of work and some may even be considering getting a mortgage. In other words, the transformation into a ‘real’ adult starts right here. read more...


How a post-uni ‘gap yah’ could improve your employability

Most grads are happy to win a  couple of quid on a scratch card, but not Plymouth University graduate Henry  Evans. The twenty-two year old, who studied marine biology, entered a Daily Telegraph competition with the  prize being a trip to Antarctica – and won. read more...


Get a podium finish this August with our latest graduate jobs.

August means that it's the summer holidays so employers and students alike can take a moment to reflect on the last year and take in some of the weather.



How to get a company to create a unique position just for you

It probably doesn't need to be reiterated but the job market isn’t at  its best at the moment. Despite firing off multiple applications each day,  graduates often don’t receive a reply from companies, let alone a job offer. read more...


The 2012 Games: how to clinch graduate career victory

British  university graduates are drowning in medals at the London 2012 Olympics. Last  week Gemma Gibbons, who graduated from the University of Bath in 2009 with a  sports performance degree, claimed Britain’s first Olympic judo medal in 12  years. read more...

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