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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


How can you speed up your job hunt?

Newsflash: you don’t have  to go into a career that is related to your degree.

In fact, it is perhaps advisable to consider looking for jobs  outside of your degree subject, especially in the current jobs market, which is  ghastly at best. read more...


Large v small companies – which route suits you best?

Students  heading off to university apparently aren’t too worried about the quality of  teaching – or even the £9,000 they will have to shell out every year. read more...


Jobs which accept degrees from any discipline – and the skills you’ll require!

An  English graduate from Plymouth University will effectively be running a brand  and business development agency after it took on a fresh batch of ex-students. read more...


Can the government’s unpaid work scheme assist graduates in their job hunt?

We recently brought you the news that London Mayor,  Boris Johnson, and Employment Minister, Chris Grayling, read more...


Telecoms tycoon launches £2.5 million foundation for graduates



What can graduates learn from Storey’s glory?

Leeds Met graduate, Sarah Storey OBE, clinched  Team GB’s first gold medal on Thursday when she swept to victory in the women’s  cycling C5 3km individual pursuit. read more...


Jobs that pay before you’ve even started!

In these fallow economic times, free money to invest in your own  business is always a welcome surprise.

 It is little wonder, then, that  Bath graduate Andy Brown was “really happy” to secure a £100,000 investment in  his literary magazine. read more...


Thousands graduating with qualifications for non-existent jobs

This week unveils more gloomy news regarding the graduate jobs market: that thousands of students are graduating with qualifications for jobs that simply do not exist. read more...


I see your jobless market – and raise you one business (run by me)

If you can’t join the jobs market...beat it.


How to get a job fast – and avoid the pitfalls of benefits and unpaid work

Jobless graduates, beware: unless you do three months of unpaid work you will be prohibited from receiving benefits. 

In spite of the

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