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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Why computer skills are essential in the graduate jobs market

It is hardly a secret that the graduate jobs market is currently a ferociously competitive sphere. This has been the case for much of the last decade and the situation is unlikely to be altered significantly in the near future. read more...


Exam pressure and graduate job fears top list of student worries

Missing out on a first or 2.1 degree can sometimes mean that a more qualified graduate will take your dream job from right under your nose. read more...


Firms that offer the best employee incentives

With a palpable lack of fresh graduate jobs in UK, it may be tempting to accept the first graduate job you are offered. read more...


How Harry Potter can help you work your magic on employers

Acclaimed author J.K.


Are post-graduate qualifications actually useful?

With the jobs market looking as gloomy as ever, many students who thought their days of (sleeping through) 9am lectures and handing in (hastily scribbled) essays were over have done a U-turn and are about to embark on an MA course – or even a PhD. read more...


IBM increases number of graduate places for 2013



The Queen: a role fit for Helen Mirren...and graduates

Today (24 September) brings the happy news that Dame Helen Mirren is set to make a comeback as the Queen.

But rather than returning to the screen as her Royal Highness, Dame Mirren has revealed that she will rein in theatre fans by taking her royal performance to the West End. read more...


Employers rate industry experience over traditional gap year

Graduates jetting off on a post-uni gap year may be harming their employment prospects, a new survey has revealed. read more...


Make like Jack Sparrow and commandeer your career

Last Friday brought the rather entertaining news that a drunk woman who claimed she was a pirate hijacked a ferry while shouting “I’m Jack Sparrow!”. read more...


Chelsea vs. Juventus: what can graduates learn from the Champions League?

Chelsea fans will have been left disappointed after last night’s game against Juventus.

The Blues drew 2-2 with Italian football club Juventus in yesterday’s Champions League match. read more...

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