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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


With every retail vacancy drawing in 66 applications, does the job market give graduates a chance?

Last week brought the news that the labour market is becoming more graduate friendly – but in hindsight this declaration may have been a little premature. read more...


Career ‘advice’ you should ignore

Google is our friend when it comes to job hunting: it can supply an abundance of relevant vacancies, high quality job boards and top-notch career advice at the click of a button. read more...


Capital! While British graduates make for London, Chinese graduates head to Beijing


Keeping up with the job hunt

Waking up every morning (or afternoon) knowing you have to spend the day looking for a job is not exactly the drive you need to get out of bed. read more...


Unemployment rate drops among engineering graduates

They are becoming increasingly scarce, but today is one of those rare days where unemployed university leavers wake up to good news regarding the graduate jobs market. read more...


Tenet launches 150-place internship programme for graduates

Tenet has announced plans to launch an internship programme for up to 150 graduates. read more...


One in five graduates starts working life in London

Living and working in the big smoke is a dream for many fresh young starters and for more than a fifth of graduates, working in London is a reality. read more...


Creative business venture earned two graduates more than £50,000 in a year

What do you call two graduates who spent their post-university gap year selling advertising space on their faces? Innovative...and rich. read more...


Number of graduates in basic jobs rises sharply

Yesterday (11 October) Grad Plus brought you the news that Bangor University graduate Jamie Fox is working as a human scarecrow.

After three years spent studying English and Music,


Graduate teams up with Paloma Faith to tackle youth unemployment

With more than one million jobless 18-24 year olds across the UK, the labour market is as gloomy as ever. read more...

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