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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Four good reasons to get into teaching

Nearly one in three people who undergo teacher training in England do not end up working in the profession, it has emerged. read more...


Is teaching English abroad a worthwhile venture in terms of my career?

Recent research led by the British Council found that more than one in three people believe they would have a better job if they had spent time living abroad. read more...


Would you lie on your CV?

Yesterday (21 November) saw students in their thousands making a beeline for the capital, doing their utmost to encourage MPs to act on the recent tuition fee hike and the widespread unemployment among young people. read more...


Can working abroad support my career development?

Research last year revealed that UK employers are increasingly seeking international awareness and experience over academic qualifications in their candidates. read more...


One for the girls: get on board with tech start-ups

Ladies, dust off those applications: Entrepreneur First wants to help you create your very own tech start-up. 

Don’t immediately look away if


Skype interviews: the how-to

As outlined in our article describing how to be phone interview savvy, not all companies will invite successful candidates to a face-to-face interview. read more...


Graduate on ‘Edge of Glory’ after Lady Gaga is spotted wearing her designs

Kingston University is clearly dead-set on churning out successful graduates. read more...


How to shine in a phone interview

Some job applications are split into a number of stages. This can mean that rather than being invited straight to interview, you will first be subject to a phone or perhaps a Skype interview. Phone interviews are just as nerve-wracking as meeting the employer in person, and can actually be more challenging. read more...


The Perks of Being a Graduate

At present, pretty much every article written about graduates is downright depressing. While it is useful to know even the gloomiest of facts and add them to your stockpile of graduate knowledge, once in a while it’s nice to read (and write!) something positive about graduate’s prospects post-university. read more...


The plight of postgraduates

A number of issues are threatening to “inflict serious damage on the health of the postgraduate sector”, according to a recent report. read more...

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