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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Ailing economy and rising fees slice a fifth from graduate wage ‘premium’

Good news for graduates is becoming increasingly scarce – and unfortunately today is no different. read more...


Powering through job applications

We would not want to be Cameron Diaz this morning. read more...


Can you keep a secret? Working for MI5

Dressed down in jeans and with limited security, Kate Middleton and Prince William almost blended in with the crowd as they attended a local screening of the new James Bond flick last week. read more...


How to mentally prepare for an interview

The prospect of an interview can be pretty terrifying. read more...


Graduate career mythbuster

During your final year of university, just months before you launch yourself into a career, rumours are rife about what it’s really like in the world of work. read more...


Graduate reactions to troubled labour market

In spite of the glum state of the graduate jobs market, university leavers are staying positive. read more...


Move to London or go abroad – the options available to graduates

“I’ve been looking for work for four or five months now and have sent off tons of applications – I’ve received two replies. Neither of them led to anything,” says Luke Hatfield, a journalism graduate from Staffordshire University. read more...


How to write a speculative letter

How do you conduct your job hunt? Do you use online job boards to find read more...


Jobs that make a difference

Would you go on an expedition to Costa Rica to help build a school?

Nottingham Trent University graduate Joe O’Gorman is set to do just that in January, if he reaches his £3,124 fundraising target. read more...


To be or not to be...a freelance writer

Fresh out of uni, 24 years old – and already a published author. read more...

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