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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


“Alarm bells should be ringing in Government”: applications continue to fall as degree courses are scrapped

High expense and too few applicants are the reasons universities are giving for scrapping nearly one in five degree courses since the tuition fee hike. read more...


How NOT to apply for a job at MI5

Former Eastenders star Dean Gaffney recently applied for a job at MI5 – and then went straight to the tabloids. read more...


Hope for engineers: new graduate scheme

Crossrail already employs 100 apprentices, but now it is on the look-out for “exceptional” graduates to fill places on its all-new graduate scheme. read more...


Celebrity first jobs – we all have to start somewhere

Dodgy internships and questionable first jobs: for the majority of graduates, this is a rite of passage as they embark on the transition from student to ‘real’ adult making it big in the world of work. read more...


Is the graduate job situation in China worse than in the UK?

Britain’s oversubscribed graduate labour market is making it indisputably difficult for university-leavers to find a suitable job. read more...


Gratis, gratuit, free: how to learn a language at no cost

Recently, Grad Plus brought you the news that UK graduates are jetting off overseas in search of their first job.

With Britain’s oversubscribed


From Kylie to David Cameron: influence of fashion graduates hits celeb world

Hats off to fashion graduates: they have been incredibly successful of late.

First, Lady Gaga was spotted wearing Kingston graduate Lydia Stedman’s designs while on tour in South America. read more...


Top CV mistakes

There are a mass of articles floating around online telling you how to write the perfect CV – but comparatively few telling you what you avoid at all costs. read more...


State of UK postgraduate education reaches crisis point

With the UK being one of only three countries where less than one in ten students study at postgraduate level, institutions are desperately trying to figure out a solution. read more...


Top graduates shun Britain and head overseas to secure their first job

Britain is losing top graduates to mainland Europe, the Far East and North America, a study has claimed. read more...

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