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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Why the Christmas holiday is a good time to apply for graduate jobs

Earlier in the week, we posted an article with tips on how to keep up with the hunt for graduate jobs over the festive season. read more...


New course aims to improve students’ employability skills

It recently emerged that business leaders believe graduates are ill-prepared for the world of work – and a Welsh university has decided to tackle this head on by launching a new full-year course teaching job applicants basic business skills. read more...


Interview disasters and how to avoid them

Interviews are arguably the most stressful part of the entire job hunting process. When it comes to interviewing for graduate internships or jobs, you don’t need any additional stress – let alone a complete disaster. read more...


Northern Ireland: I.T. graduates’ land of opportunity

According to the chairman of the Trade Association (TA) representing the country’s ICT industry, Northern Ireland is not spawning enough IT graduates to cater for the rapidly expanding digital sector. read more...


Keeping up with the job hunt: staying on it over Christmas

One week to go until turkey, presents and chocolate coins for breakfast! The merriment and cheer of Christmas is just around the corner, and excitement is rife across the UK. read more...


The ‘milking’ craze: how it can help you find a job

Following on from the equally bizarre fads of planking and owling comes milking – the act of pouring milk over your head in a public place and uploading the resulting video onto the Internet. read more...


Graduates: what NOT to do on your first day in a new job

Unemployment is rife among young people, and graduates have not dodged this bullet. With over 50 graduates applying to each role, many are left disappointed. However, with each application, one lucky university leaver is awarded the chance to finally get their career underway. read more...


Brunel University postgraduates and students to star alongside James May on the BBC

Students and graduates are becoming increasingly familiar with the dizzying heights of fame. read more...


Top tips for a professional photo on LinkedIn

Your image may account for a small section of your LinkedIn profile, where the main focus is on your work placements and catalogue of skills, but it is important nevertheless, and should be approached in a suitably sensible manner. read more...


The solution to high youth unemployment

“We cannot accept a system in which students are leaving years of education – with potentially large sums of personal debt and government funding behind them – to find that they are unqualified for the jobs advertised and vacant. read more...

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