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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Standing out from the crowd in the graduate jobs market

After spotting a number of graduate posts available with Carmarthenshire Council, university leavers living in Wales got busy sending off their applications, hoping for some good news in the New Year. read more...


Common CV blunders you should avoid

Every graduate must display a range of skills as well as academic proficiency in order to stand a fair chance of being successful with their career hunt. read more...


“Multiple job offers” for skilled graduates living in Cambridge

Of all the places in the UK, you’d think Cambridge would be the last place suffering a skills shortage. Renowned for its first-class education, the University of Cambridge offers top-notch education to the highest standard – and yet the area is lacking in skilled workers. read more...


Get your graduate career off to a flying start with British Airways

Studying at university is like cruising along a runway: as you glide along, you gradually get up enough knowledge and an impressive skill set to fare you well in the world of work. read more...


Do graduates face a postcode lottery when applying for jobs?



How to impress in your first graduate job

Ploughing through hundreds of potential jobs and spending your days firing off numerous applications may have felt like the hard part, but once you’ve been accepted into a job or read more...


First job? Email etiquette for graduates

Securing a graduate job is generally seen as the toughest part of the recruitment process – but firing off application after application is just the beginning. read more...


How to deal with making mistakes at work

Making mistakes is completely natural – you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t make the occasional error! However natural they are, however, they can be embarrassing, especially if you’re in the first week of a job. Here’s a quick guide on how to ease the embarrassment and fix the damage. read more...


New Year’s Resolutions for graduate job hunters



Securing a graduate internship – the golden rules

The stock of graduate internships is firmly on the rise at the moment. More and more graduates are beginning to recognise the value of an internship and the opportunities that may come about as a result of it. read more...

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