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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Top five coolest UK offices

A desk, a chair and a PC that looks like it was fished out of the 90s and plonked onto your work space. 

Offices are nothing special.


Interviews: do employers really base their decisions on candidate quality?

If you’ve spent the first few weeks of the New Year steadily applying for graduate jobs, responses are likely to be just around the corner. read more...


Engineering graduates in huge demand

A university’s Engineering and Technology Careers Fair has reached full capacity, clearly showing that employers in the industry are still keen to take on graduates despite difficulties in the jobs market. read more...


Graduates earn £115,000 more than those who didn’t go to university

It’s an age-old saying: money doesn’t buy you happiness. read more...


A quarter of people regret not chasing a career in technology

“Technology has revolutionised our lives - from the way we work, to the way we play.”

This is from Stuart Silberg, VP of Technology at Hotels. read more...


Graduates: what NOT to do if you want a job

There are tons of articles dictating what you should do in order to snag your dream job: spend days crafting the perfect CV, write an awe-inspiring cover letter and rock up to an interview feeling confident and prepared. read more...


Put your interviewer in the hot seat: how asking questions can get you the job

Asking questions in an interview ensures you are participating fully, and conveys an eagerness to engage with the interviewer. This not only makes for a more lively conversation but also shows your keen interest in the job. read more...


New Year, new start: a fifth of people will look for a new job in 2013

A New Year means a new start – and many people are adopting this stance not just when it comes to their diet and fitness regime, but also their career. read more...


Leading employers threaten to make first-class degrees a requirement

The number of first-class degrees and 2.1s awarded at universities has ballooned over the past few years, sparking fresh concern over grade inflation. 

Some 66% of 2012 graduates achieved a 2.


How to job hunt when you’re already employed

While graduates tend to thank their lucky stars they have a job at all, sometimes it is necessary to move on, whether that’s because you dislike your current job or don’t get along with your colleagues. read more...

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