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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Practices are “at breaking point” as only a quarter of medical graduates name general practice their first choice

The growing crisis in the GP workforce is partially being driven by the fact that only a quarter of medical graduates are putting general practice at the top of their list. read more...


Too little too late? Financial education will be compulsory in schools across England



The rise of postgraduate qualifications – and how those with ‘just’ one degree are being priced out of the jobs market

A couple of weeks ago, all graduate news was centred around the fact that employers are increasingly valuing relevant work experience over academic qualifications, with many complaining that graduates lack the ‘soft’ skills necessary for the workplace. read more...


Arts Graduates: How to Get Started

It’s a hard life being an arts graduate: in addition to being relentlessly mocked by BSc-clad pals who perceive their degrees as ‘superior’, there is so much choice when it comes to settling on a career that making decisions can prove pretty tough. read more...


Why NOW is the best time to start your own business

Setting up your very own business is an incredibly exciting prospect, not to mention rewarding. read more...


Fashion graduate-turned-entrepreneur congratulated in person by the Prime Minister

Fashion graduate Elena Mingas, 25, was one of just four young people from the North West of England selected to meet David Cameron at a prestigious event hosted by Business Finance Solutions. read more...


Squeeze on graduate roles as almost six in ten ex-students leave university without a job

Gloomy research reveals that the majority of graduates were forced into low-skilled employment after coming out of university last year – or graduated without a job at all. read more...


Huge regional discrepancies in graduate positions revealed

The latest figures from High Flier Research suggest that companies recruited fewer employees in 2012 compared to the year before, and 10% less than before the recession unleashed its wrath on the UK economy. read more...


New digital services launched to combat youth unemployment

Today, the Government’s Youth and Community Engagement Champion, Shaun Bailey, will unveil three new digital services to help young people have a voice and overcome the vicious ‘no experience –no employment’ cycle, at an event at the Design Council. read more...


Gap years can unearth a “desire to succeed in life”

Battling top candidates for any job you can get your paws on, or lying back in a hammock sipping Pina Colada in the afternoon sun? It’s a tough one... read more...

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