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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Graduate Recruitment Discrimination: Fresh Details Surface in Kpakio Case

Last week, we ran an article on the obstacles facing African-born graduate Max Kpakio in his quest to get a job. read more...


Lack of Experience Holding Back Talented IT Graduates

IT graduates have been enjoying a long spell of bright employment prospects of late, with a skills gap meaning there is more supply than demand when it comes to finding graduate jobs in IT. read more...


Public Sector Attracts Increasing Numbers of MBA Graduates

New research has revealed that more and more MBA graduates are seeking and securing jobs in the public sector. read more...


Tackling Recruitment Discrimination – What Are the Solutions?

Rejecting an application because of a candidate’s foreign surname is not only unethical, it is also a breach of equality legislation. read more...


Recruitment Discrimination Rife in UK Jobs Market

There has long been concern that UK recruiters and companies deny candidates with foreign-sounding names an interview – but now evidence is piling up that the practice is widespread in the graduate talent pool and beyond. read more...


Notion that degree is “golden ticket to good, well-paid employment is not true”

“Study leavers face a perfect storm. Underlying fractures in the labour market [...] have surfaced. read more...


Graduate’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent starts on 13 April for a seventh series, which got us thinking – the graduate recruitment process is kind of like a talent show. Play your cards right and you might be performing your skills at a top firm... read more...


Read Before Starting Your CV!

When getting started with the job hunt, it is tempting to dive straight in and get on with sending out as many applications as possible. read more...


Homebase accused of encouraging “state sponsored slavery” in work experience scandal

British home improvement store and garden centre Homebase has been accused by experts of exploiting the “most vulnerable people in society” in a “vulture” like manner after an internal document that appeared to promote using unpaid jobseekers to keep company payroll costs down was leaked. read more...


Employers Favour Apprenticeships over Degrees

With a tighter focus on practical skills, apprenticeships provide better employment prospects than degrees, rake in higher earnings over a lifetime and are favoured by employers. read more...

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