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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Looking for a new graduate job: when is the right time?

You’ve been in a graduate job for a while now, and while you’re grateful that you were offered the opportunity and managed to secure a position amid the graduate labour market, which remains a bit dodgy at best, you’re starting to think it may be time to look elsewhere. read more...


How do you plan to celebrate your degree?

Most people’s graduation ceremony culminates in a meal with the family or a messy night out – but that wasn’t enough for the Saudi Prince.

Prince Fahd al-Saud spent a staggering €15 million (£12. read more...


What Can Graduate Fashion Week Teach Job Hunters?

Graduate Fashion Week 2013 is drawing to a close after a glorious spell of catwalks, eclectic fashion and some of the most talented graduates in the country. read more...


Desperate graduates paying for international work experience

University leavers floundering in the graduate talent pool are so desperate to get a foothold on the careers ladder that they have resorted to paying for internships. read more...


Graduates a “burden” on employers



How to work a part-time job to your advantage

If you’re looking for a part-time job to fund your summer fun or to tide you over while you job hunt, it’s tempting to accept the first thing that comes up to get the money rolling in ASAP. read more...


Money woes plague students and graduates alike, with some turning to gambling for extra cash

Some worrying student behaviour has come to light in a new survey conducted by money advice site Save the Student, which found that students are resorting to the likes of gambling to gain the cash to fund their university days. read more...


Why you should at least consider TEFL

Many students are familiar with the term TEFL, otherwise referred to as Teaching English as a Foreign Language. read more...


How to Make the Most of the Summer Holidays

Most university exams are over by now, or the end is at least in sight. Cue cracking out the booze at 11am after your last exam – perhaps your last EVER exam – and getting summer barbecues on the go to make the most of the good weather. read more...


The benefits of starting your own business

A graduate from the University of Chester has started her own shoe business at the tender age of 23. read more...

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