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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


What do graduate employers want? Part II



What do graduate employers want? Part I

Graduate employers and recruiters are a pretty demanding bunch. In addition to a good degree, they want you to have relevant work experience and a wealth of ‘soft’ skills that set you up for success in the workplace. Here are just a few of the skills employers are looking for – more to follow in part two. read more...


Top five mistakes graduates make during online tests

Online testing is a technique widely used by recruiters to filter candidates and select the people best suited to the company. read more...


Number of teaching jobs plummets by 73%

While jobs in engineering and technology are suffering from a lack of suitable candidates, there are others that are so oversubscribed that graduates are struggling even to find temporary work in the field. read more...


Back to Basics: Five Tips for Finding a Graduate Job

With the graduate jobs market so tough to break into, some people are forced to resort to desperate measures – spending all their savings on a giant billboard comes to mind – and get creative when it comes to applications, such as filming a video CV or crafting a CV in the style of a magazine. read more...


Plugging the STEM gap: are applications finally on an upward trend?

A whopping 70% of graduates – the highest proportion ever – kick started their search for a full time job before starting their final year, according to a survey by High Fliers. On average, graduates made 7.1 applications for a job. read more...


Finding a sense of direction post-graduation

Are you dreading graduation? Forget about sitting through an impossibly long ceremony or the fear of tripping over your feet as you ascend the stairs – the day itself is a cakewalk compared with what comes afterwards. read more...


Forward thinking graduates of 2013 optimistic about jobs market

Research out yesterday (Thursday 13 June) revealed that the class of 2013 are showing the highest levels of optimism in 15 years when it comes to securing employment. read more...


How to get a job before graduation

Exams are over, and the long summer holidays have commenced. It’s important to take enough time to relax and enjoy yourself after weeks of hard work, but it might also be worth getting a handle on this job application business sooner rather than later. read more...


Would you invest your life savings in your very own business?

Two Staffordshire University graduates have invested their life savings into their dream computer game business. read more...

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