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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Experts predict undersupply of graduates as soon as next year

Every cloud has a silver lining and if one expert is to be believed, graduates could be seeing the silver lining on the big black jobs cloud as soon as next year. read more...


What graduates can learn from The Apprentice

Millions of people were on the edge of their seats on Wednesday evening as Sir Alan Sugar made the difficult choice between Leah Totton and Luisa Zissman. read more...


University student proves internships are worth your while

It can be tough to keep tabs on both your degree and your career, but a Newcastle University student has shown it is worth the effort after she won an award recognising her role in a brand re-launch. read more...


Almost 2,000 graduates working in unpaid internships

The last thing you want to be doing after working hard for three years to improve your career prospects (and accumulating a sizeable debt while doing so) is working for free. read more...


Top tips on staying upbeat during the job hunt

Results have come out, sighs of relief were heard across the country and students are graduating all over the shop. Now comes the hard bit – getting accepted onto a graduate scheme or finding a job. read more...


What do employers want from graduates?

Securing a top job is about far more than a good degree and a backlog of fantastic academic achievements. read more...


How to stand out in the finance industry

Competition is fierce in any industry in today’s climate, but it’s outright ferocious in the finance sector, where well over 100 graduates are vying for each role. read more...


Lack of interpersonal skills dampens aspirations of IT graduates

New IT graduates are set to be snapped up by over a third of Chief Information Officers according to a new survey – but it’s not all good news as a significant number of CIOs believe that most graduates from the discipline lack the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the world of work. read more...


How extracurricular activities can help you find a job

In a fiercely competitive environment, university leavers seeking graduate jobs need to do everything they can to stand out and boost their chances of success. read more...


How to avoid distractions during the job hunt

A new study has revealed that while university students are mainly using the library for education purposes, a large proportion are getting distracted by social media and online shopping. read more...

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