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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


What to look for in a graduate job

Job hunting is a two-way street: while you might be desperate for a job, employers are equally desperate to fill vacancies with top quality graduates who they can trust to do the job well. read more...


Shocking graduate statistics and how to beat the numbers

Europe’s largest ever graduate survey has revealed some pretty shocking figures, the first being that more than half of European graduates are concerned about their careers – a percentage which rises to 80% in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. read more...


Employers actively seek out graduates with third class degrees

A vice chairman of a UK company has revealed how it will be advertising for graduates with 2.2s and thirds in a bid to fill positions. read more...


The worst performing universities where a fifth of graduates are left unemployed

Fresh figures have revealed that students at some universities are around ten times more likely to be jobless six months after graduating than those at other mainstream institutions. read more...


Graduating without a job – what are your options?

Finding a graduate job is not getting any easier as time goes on. As more and more new post-graduates emerge with every passing year, the graduate talent pool is increasingly overflowing with people vying for a limited number of jobs. read more...


Graduate PR – what do I need to know?

A position in PR could be constantly evolving and may potentially involve anything from co-ordinating promotional events to liaising with journalists on different projects. read more...


Highest number of graduate vacancies for five years

The number of graduate vacancies at major UK employers is at its highest for five years, research has found.

According to market research firm High Fliers Research, the top 100 of the UK’s leading employers have 4.6% more jobs for graduates, compared to 2012. read more...


Key next steps after graduation

The time is fast approaching when graduates across the UK will be donning their cap and gown and proudly collecting their degree certificates in front of an audience made up of family, friends and fellow students. read more...


More graduates setting up their own business

More and more graduates are taking some entrepreneurial initiative and are working for themselves rather than getting a job. read more...


UK graduates reveal the pressures they face in the current jobs market

UK graduates have revealed the pressures they face as they attempt to climb the career ladder as part of a survey of 320,000 European graduates.

Research by the trendence institute in Berlin showed that UK graduates take an average of 6. read more...

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