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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


What is the best way to get involved with a graduate internship?

Graduate internships tend to divide the graduate community who are searching for jobs. Some people may see the benefit of working in an unpaid position if it helps them to secure something more permanent. read more...


The importance of working to develop your computer skills

One of the main things a modern day employer will always wish to see is a reasonably high level of computer skills from a potential employee. 

They will often assess several areas such as typing speed, research skills and word/excel experience. read more...


Thousands of university leavers stuck in non graduate-calibre jobs

Graduates may start questioning the value of their degree as new figures reveal that almost 10,000 of last year’s graduates were underemployed six months after leaving university. read more...


What job hunting graduates can learn from Wimbledon

Roger Federer may have gone along with a whole host of other well known faces but Wimbledon is still in full swing. read more...


Interview body language: a rough guide

Whether you are going for jobs in the media or graduate jobs in accountancy, an experienced interviewer will be watching you like a hawk and taking mental notes of your every word and action. read more...


How to dress for an interview

After the initial celebrations that follow an interview offer for a graduate scheme or job, it’s time to get down to business. read more...


Evaluating a job offer: part II

We left out an important consideration in part I but worry not – all is revealed here... read more...


Evaluating a job offer: part I

After months of sifting through roles you think you might be suited to and firing off hundreds of applications day after day, it is tempting to say YES the instant someone offers you a job. However, as with anything, it is best to take sufficient time for careful consideration to decide for sure whether this is the path you want to go down. read more...


How to stay motivated during the job hunt

Always look on the bright side on life, the Monty Python boys said – and while you may well dive headfirst into the graduate job hunt with gusto, it’s unlikely the same levels of motivation will remain several weeks, or even months, later. read more...


How to make a career plan

Getting a foothold in the graduate jobs market may seem hard enough right now, let alone mapping out your entire career. read more...

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