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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


In-depth answers to common application questions



Commonly asked application questions & answers

Yesterday we gave you the first instalment of the most commonly asked application questions, for situations when you are asked to fill out a form of this nature in addition to emailing across your CV and a covering letter. read more...


Common application questions and how to answer them

Employers are a demanding bunch – not only do they want you to send them a CV and covering letter but they often also want you to fill out an online application form. read more...


Graduates: how to make the most of the transition period

If you have recently graduated and have already sent off tonnes of applications – but not heard anything back yet – try not to be too hard on yourself. read more...


Want a graduate job? All you have to do is ask

Graduates have been going above and beyond trying to land a job after leaving university. Some have spent hundreds on giant billboards; others have been getting up at 6am to hand out their CV to random commuters. But it turns out; if you want a job, all you have to do is ask. read more...


One in four graduates aspire to work for themselves

There’s something entrepreneurial in the air as it emerges that one in four university leavers of 2013 are “seriously considering” working for themselves. read more...


Why top students may start giving university the brush off

For the majority of top notch students, going to university is the natural step up from A-levels and the decision is generally made quickly and without a second thought. read more...


Engineering skills gap doesn’t mean graduates can walk into a job

The skills shortage in the STEM sectors is hardly a secret – headlines have been shouting all about it for the past few months and there is real concern that the difficulty to recruit top talent is adversely affecting the technology sector in particular. read more...


Why should you consider teaching?

A move by the government to provide £20,000 grants to top maths graduates if they opt to teach at further education colleges proves that good graduates are not queuing up to teach, unions have stated. read more...


Maths graduates: would you accept a £20,000 grant to teach at further education colleges?

In a desperate bid to attract top graduates to the teaching profession in further education colleges in England, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has announced that maths graduates will be offered grants of £20,000. read more...

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