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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Hide and seek: Where to find secret graduate jobs

If you’re tired of receiving rejection after rejection – or worse, not getting a response at all – it’s time to get serious with your job hunt. read more...


Going to uni vs. finding a job – which is the most stressful?

They’re both exciting stages of your life but that’s not to say they don’t also induce an incredible amount of stress. read more...


New graduates: where to start looking for your first job

You’ve just graduated and you’re about to take your first step into the big wide world. While the prospect is exciting, the number of choices open to you is quite frankly dizzying and you have NO idea where to start. But fear not – this article is designed to give you some helpful pointers. read more...


Top tips on returning to study after a break

Lots of people graduate university unsure of what they want to do next. 

This uncertainty can lead to people making the wrong decisions and ending up doing something they don’t enjoy. read more...


Graduates: Wake up and grasp the opportunity to work abroad

Working abroad is not the distant dream it used to be; in fact, it’s easier than ever. read more...


Should you fly the nest for your first graduate job?

The return to the family home after graduation is all but inevitable and there are some tangible benefits of living at home while you’re immersed in the job hunt. read more...


Anger management: Surviving your first day at the office

Half of Brits (51%) fly into a fury at work according to a new poll – and it is rude clients, computer crashes and colleagues taking credit for our work that sparks rage in the workplace. read more...


LinkedIn drop age limit to attract “forward thinking” youngsters

With people starting to plan their careers earlier than ever, professional social networking site LinkedIn has announced that it will be dropping its age limit from 18 to 13. read more...


Banks favour arts graduates over maths and economics students

The big banks are increasingly hiring humanities graduates rather than selecting their maths and economics counterparts from the graduate talent pool.

This is according to City A.M.


New graduate set to launch cheerleading magazine after winning award from House of Lords

A Leeds Metropolitan University journalism graduate missed her degree ceremony to pick up a coveted award from the House of Lords for her innovative degree project. read more...

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