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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Graduates: How to overcome interview nerves

No matter how confident you are in life, job interviews can bring on high levels of anxiety.

If you’re naturally shy, don’t worry – you’re not doomed. read more...


What are graduates’ career priorities?

According to the Universum Student Survey 2013, 48% of graduates said that their main career goal was to maintain a work-life balance. read more...


First job, first day? How to make a good impression

You’re starting a new job and you’re feeling a mixture of emotions, from being ecstatic to a little nervous. read more...


Graduates would consider joining SMEs if given the chance

A new survey suggests that a surprising number of UK graduates might enjoy the challenge of working for an SME, but unfortunately wouldn’t know how to seek out such an opportunity. read more...


What to do if you have no references

Providing at least two names of referees is a pre-requisite set by employers to vouch for the person they are about to hire. Often those with the most influential names as their referees are favoured. read more...


How to craft the perfect application

Filling in application forms and preparing your CV along with a cover letter can be a cumbersome task. 

Most people tend to prepare a shortlist of jobs to apply for in one sitting. read more...


How can recent graduates use social media to boost their employment chances?

Social media has taken the world by storm in the last decade. All businesses, regardless of sector, are enlisting the help of media-savvy individuals to make them more accessible to clients and explore new markets. read more...


How to make the most of Freshers’ Week

You’re about to start university, you’re excited and you have been waiting in anticipation all summer preparing for your first year away from home. read more...


How have your peers fared? Compare career paths on LinkedIn’s dedicated university pages

A month after LinkedIn’s dedicated university pages went live, the professional networking platform has started publishing details of what each university’s students do after graduating. read more...


Half of graduates enter the workplace lacking essential attributes, employers claim

Concerns that universities put too much of a focus on passing exams have resurfaced after more than half of employers said almost all graduate recruits started their working lives without crucial life skills. read more...

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