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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Employers have “fear factor” when it comes to employing disabled graduates

The CEO of disability consulting firm MyPlusConsulting has said the number of disabled graduates being employed is “not good enough”. read more...


Spanish graduate’s angry rant goes viral: ‘Three degrees and I clean toilets’

The gloomy truth concerning the UK and European graduate jobs market has been laid bare in a scathing rant by a Spaniard with three degrees who is currently cleaning toilets. read more...


How to market your gap year to employers

If you’ve spent your time productively on a gap year, chances are you’ve acquired a host of transferable skills without even realising. read more...


Taking a gap year – what are your options?



Employment consultant advises graduate to “dumb down” CV to secure a job

A graduate from the University of Hull was advised by the Government’s Work Programme to omit her degree from her CV so she is not seen by potential employers as overqualified. read more...


Graduate asked to dance in Currys interview lands his dream job

Alan Bacon, a film and TV graduate who hit the headlines last month for having to dance at a job interview for Currys, has now landed his dream job due to the publicity he received. read more...


Is lying on your CV ever a good idea?

The current job market is tough to crack and you’re being deluged with assertions like “you have to be the very best to get a job these days”. read more...


Tough graduate jobs market prompts rise in CV falsehoods

A competitive graduate jobs market coupled with the rise in tuition fees is discouraging people from going to university and encouraging them to lie on their CVs to get work. read more...


Scotland’s graduates most employable in the UK

Official statistics confirm almost nine out of ten Scottish university graduates were employed or in further training within six months of completing their course. read more...


Labour proposes new graduate programme to tackle rising cybercrime

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has promised to set up a new programme to tackle the growing threat of cybercrime by employing IT graduates in the police force. read more...

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