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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Coventry University design graduate in line for top award

A Coventry University design graduate is up for an award for new business start-ups.

Sanjeev Dass, 22, has had his first commercial product shortlisted for the award. Mr Dass is one of ten finalists in the Shell LiveWire Grand Ideas Awards. read more...


Can a university education help you to be more assertive?

Assertiveness is one of the buzzwords for graduates looking for jobs.

Whether it’s in graduate training schemes or forums for graduate tips for success, the word ‘assertive’ generally makes an appearance. read more...


Career progression – how to get ahead in the workplace

Being prompt, reliable and quietly getting through your workload are signs of a good worker but to get ahead you need to speak up and be active.

Speaking up doesn’t mean making a nuisance out of yourself by asking annoying questions and criticising business practices. read more...


Pay packets: Don’t let them a burn a hole in your pocket

A graduate job straight after university is inevitably exciting as now you’ll be earning full-time wage.

Graduates have been toiling for 3 years, budgeting and working part-time to get through university. read more...


Teach First, but what next?

It’s fair to say graduates have been one of the groups who have been hit the hardest by the recession.

A popular route for graduates has been to pursue a career in teaching thanks to the fast-track Teach First option. read more...


Want to network and get a job? Get campaigning!

A store of articles exist on volunteering and interning in order to pave your way to getting the job you want.

But it turns out you may not have to delve into these if you capitalise on your opportunities while at university. read more...


Do unpaid internships have a future?

Since the recession struck it has had a two-pronged impact on the graduate job market. read more...


What are the most common graduate job-hunting gripes?

Graduates are being deluged with information about bad attitude, careless applications and poor interview techniques.

Furthermore, graduates are constantly being told their degrees are insufficient in getting good jobs and they must have a number of soft skills as part of their capabilities. read more...


Graduates: Why you should keep looking for a job – even if you’ve got one

It’s not the most exciting task: trawling through endless job sites, agencies and newspaper supplements.

It can be a tedious and cumbersome task to say the least and naturally some graduates take a sigh of relief when they finally secure a job. read more...


Want to make a difference? Local government may be for you

More graduates are looking for careers where they can make a difference, add value and influence change for the better. read more...

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