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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Could small businesses be missing out on the best graduates?

Attracting graduates to a business is no easy task, especially for those businesses unable to have a great presence on campuses across the country. read more...


Why you don’t need to be at a top university to get a top job

Going to a higher ranking university might improve job prospects for some people, but there are plenty of other aspects that employers take into account.

So if you haven’t gone to a top-ranking university there’s no need to despair as there are still plenty of opportunities around. read more...


Five Christmas songs that hold the key to getting a graduate job

By this point, you’ll probably either be really excited to put on your first Christmas song on 1 December or be sick of hearing festive music every time you walk into a shop or turn the radio on in the car. read more...


Don’t let the spirit of Christmas wreck your graduate job hunt!

Not to be a Scrooge and all, but just because it’s getting close to that time of year again doesn’t mean Christmas should filter into every aspect of your life. Christmas shopping, yes; Christmas parties, of course – but when it comes to read more...


University of York graduates in strong position

Students from the University of York are finding access to graduate jobs easy to come by according to recent figures, while those in non-graduate jobs are below the national average. read more...


Things to consider when looking to accept a graduate job role

Accepting a new job role is quite a large undertaking as it could alter your life and pave the way for your future.

Making a decision too quickly can have negative consequences on both your career and your life if it is not what you want to do. read more...


Sunderland graduates honoured at inaugural Intern awards

Graduates have been rewarded for showing passion in the workplace after being honoured at Sunderland’s first ever Intern of the Year Awards. read more...


Ways to increase employability by making your CV stand out

Your CV is one of the most important documents you will ever put together.

It is what sells your skills and abilities and highlights your achievements in life today – all the aspects that employers look for when considering employment opportunities. read more...


London: where 60% of workers are graduates!

A staggering 60% of the capital’s working-age population is educated to degree level, highlighting the attraction of the city for those harbouring large-scale job ambitions. read more...


How to use the Christmas break to your advantage

The holidays are coming, the Coca Cola ad is on the telly and the Christmas decorations are going up. read more...

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