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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Halloween special: Graduate career fears

Graduation can be met with ambivalent feelings; on one hand you’re excited to call time on your study, but on the other entering the world of work can be disconcerting. read more...


Using LinkedIn to find a job: a graduate’s guide

There’s no denying social networks are rising on an unprecedented scale. Today social networks are more than just a way to keep in touch with your friends; they can also be a crucial tool in getting a graduate job. read more...


How can doing sport at university help you find a job?

When you think of the many activities and skills which can enable a graduate to find a job, sport is probably not the obvious one. read more...


Teaching as a career: pros and cons

Teaching is regarded as a respectable profession and a lot of graduates choose to teach for a number of reasons. read more...


Graduate trainee teachers to receive £25,000 in Government bid to drive up classroom standards

From as soon as next year trainee teachers are to receive a rise of £5,000 on the current £20,000 financial carrot in bid to attract high calibre graduates into the profession. read more...


Where are all our female engineering graduates? Part II

The first in this series detailed the palpable shortage of female engineers and gave some possible reasons for the worrying statistics. read more...


Where are all our female engineering graduates? Part I



How to find your dream job

The latest Government figures paint a positive picture for Leeds-based graduates, who are currently working in or are on their way to finding their dream job. read more...


How to deal with multiple interviewers

Interviews for graduate jobs can be very nerve-racking, begetting a mixture of emotions from initial excitement to anxiety. read more...


Inspiration to start your own business

A 24-year-old graduate is set to expand her business idea after coming first in the University of Hertfordshire’s annual business start-ups competition. read more...

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