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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


How to approach a video interview

Videophones and videoconferencing systems are not new. It's only since services such as Skype have become more widely available however, that employers have started to routinely embrace this sort of technology for interviews. 

Video interviews are not usually the end of the process. read more...


How to eat well on a budget

If you're still finishing your studies, are about to enter the job market or continue onto a postgraduate course, money is probably tight. read more...


University of Cumbria becomes first in UK to accept Bitcoin

The University of Cumbria has announced it will be the first public university in the world to accept Bitcoin as payment for tuition fees. read more...


The art of building a portfolio

Do you have a portfolio? If not, why not? 

A portfolio might conjure up images of an art student carting around a huge black case full of their work, but there’s more to it than that. read more...


Science v Maths – which subject offers the better career path

It has long been claimed that those studying the so-called STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths – will benefit from better job prospects than non-STEM graduates. read more...


Top 3 career paths for English graduates

An English degree can open up a number of career paths. Teaching is one option, including teaching  abroad with a relevant English as a Second Language (ESL) qualification. read more...


How would tuition fee charges work if Scotland is granted independence?

Ever since devolution, Scottish students have been the envy of their English, Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts. read more...


Still hunting for a role – have you considered an internship?

When hunting for jobs, it’s not uncommon to see the word “experienced” pop up in almost every job advert. read more...


Recruiting companies urged to follow in footsteps of leading law firm

One of the country’s leading law firms has taken a unique approach to the way it recruits graduates and now other companies are being urged to do the same. read more...


Games designer Ubisoft launches new industry specific graduate scheme

Having an opportunity to help shape something that shaped your very own childhood is a rare occurrence, but through roles as game developers it is entirely possible. read more...

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