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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Top tips for making the best use of jobs boards

Online job boards are an essential part of any job-hunter's armoury. There are general job boards and there are also a number of specialist boards aimed at graduates and specific sectors and areas. read more...


British students aim for one-way ticket to Mars

We've all heard about the skills gap in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). read more...


A brief guide to graduate careers in sport

A sports science or other sports related degree won't let you run the 100 metres like Usain Bolt or land you a striker's role at a Premier League football club but it could be the first step towards an illustrious career. read more...


Make the most of graduate career fairs

Graduate job fairs can be a great way of meeting recruiters, finding jobs and learning more about different sectors and career paths. read more...


What's the best route into journalism?

Journalism is an extremely competitive field and, with many traditional platforms such as print newspapers and magazine sales in decline, the demand for places continues to outstrip the vacancies available. read more...


How to make a great first impression in your interview

A lot of work is required to even land an interview in the first place but it can all be undone in matter of minutes if you don't make a good impression. read more...


How to keep motivated during your job hunt

If you're finding it difficult to land your dream job or even get your foot on the bottom rung of the career ladder, you're not alone

The transition from study to work can be a difficult and frustrating time. read more...


What are the benefits of postgraduate study?

By the time you've earned your degree you will most likely have been in full-time education for the past 16 years and you might be eager to step into the world of work. read more...


How to stand out on your graduate scheme application

Graduate schemes are highly competitive and with good reason. They represent one of the best ways for graduates to get their foot in the door with major employers and to set themselves up on a structured career path. read more...


What skills do you need for a career in PR?

In essence Public Relations, or PR, involves communicating a message to a target audience that you want to influence in a positive way. This could involve fielding questions from journalists, organising press conferences or crafting press releases and media kits. read more...

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