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Young women positive about IT careers

Published: Friday, 29 May 2009   Category: Science, IT and Engineering

Despite the common notion that the IT industry is for men only, a representative from the BCS (formerly the British Computer Society) Young Professionals Group (YPG) has said that women see the sector as open to them.

Jennifer Hewitt, chair of the BCS YPG, said that young women looking for work, such as a graduate job, were confident that the IT sector was a welcome place for females.

Citing a recent report, Ms Hewitt said: "I actually think IT is open to women and a survey found that the majority of women, I think it was almost 70 per cent of them, said that they felt that there were IT jobs available to them."

This is despite the fact that only 20 per cent of IT jobs are taken up by women and that the number of female workers in the industry is "actually falling at the moment", according to Ms Hewitt.

The BCS recently surveyed 16 to 30-year-olds with IT qualifications, such as graduates, and found that 53 per cent were confident about their employment prospects.


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