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Writing the perfect graduate CV

Published: Tuesday, 28 February 2012   Category: Career Advice | All Graduate Jobs News | Career Advice | All Graduate job news

You’ve put in three hard years of study, got your degree certificate in hand and you’re now ready to show the graduate job market exactly what you’ve got.

While a snazzy suit and your mastery of three foreign languages are all bound to impress potential employers, the biggest tool you need to help you land a dream graduate position is a slick CV.

 While your current CV may have glaring gaps from lack of work experience, there are still plenty of skills that you can show off on your two-page CV.

It’s critical that you highlight your unique selling points, whether that’s meeting deadlines or communicating easily with people from all walks of life.

What makes a CV great?

A CV needs to advertise your full range of competencies to potential employers. If your CV is succinct and specifically tailored to the role you are applying for, it should help you to secure an interview. Employers and other recruiters spend an average of just ten minutes perusing a CV, so first impressions really do count.

It’s all in the design

Adapt your CV’s presentation according to the industry you are trying to get into. For example, for a role in the Media you may want to choose a creative font and add splashes of color to your CV. It’s also important to ensure that your CV is easy to read, so break up sections with bullet points and sub headings.

Highlight your strengths

If you had a role on your student newspaper or had any other areas of responsibility, make sure this is flagged up on your CV. Nobody else is going to sing your praises so you will need to employ a bit of self-promotion.

Transferable skills

If you had a part-time job in a supermarket throughout university you could highlight your fantastic customer service skills. Look at the person specification in your job application and match the points up with your relevant skills. If you worked with a group of people behind a bar then emphasise your ability to operate effectively within a team.

Do you think your CV could be improved? Have you used any of the above tips before?

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