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Work spelling 'getting worse'

Published: Tuesday, 08 January 2008   Category: Graduate Job sector Reports

Students who are looking for graduate jobs may want to brush up on their spelling as a report has revealed that 60 per cent of business letters and emails go out with spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

The research, from WhiteSmoke reveals that there are still consistent errors despite the availability of spelling and grammar checkers free of charge.

"Words most likely to be missed are verb auxiliaries (be, have, do), prepositions (in, on, at) and determiners (a, an, the, this), and missing nouns. For example, 'I would happy to meet you' instead of 'I would be happy to meet you,'" said Liran Brenner, the vice president of research and development at WhiteSmoke.

According to the research, 28 per cent of mistakes in work emails or letters are punctuation errors, while eight per cent of mistakes are to do with sentence elements agreeing.

Whitesmoke provides solutions for English grammar and writing problems in businesses.

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