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Work/life balance 'a struggle for IT women'

Published: Friday, 18 April 2008   Category: Science, IT and Engineering

New research has indicated that the majority of women working in IT are struggling to find a satisfactory work/life balance.

While many employers claim to support this kind of balance, many women are finding that this is not always the case

A study conducted by Womenintehnology.co.uk looked at over 200 women and revealed that, although 55 per cent of respondents believe that they have a work/life balance, almost all followed their initial answer with an 'although' or a 'but'.

One respondent commented: "It is a tough juggling act. I have struggled with it throughout my career. It is definitely something you have to make happen rather than expect other people to provide."

The research was conducted at an event co-hosted by Womenintehnology.co.uk and Microsoft which aimed to address this balance.

Maggie Berry, director of Womenintechnology.co.uk, said: "Hopefully the event taught the women present how they can work 'smarter, not harder' and find a way of achieving that work/life balance that we all strive for."


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