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What are the benefits of joining Linkedin?

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: Career Advice

Competition amongst young people looking for graduate jobs is higher than ever.

It was recently announced that the average number of applications per job have risen to 83 in 2011. Within such a competitive environment, having a strong network of contacts is essential for graduates.

Linkedin.com is a business-related social networking site that allows you to get in touch with other colleagues or companies. Researching and looking for the ones that match your profile is definitely a good idea. 

Reasons to join Linkedin

Get in touch with other colleagues: In Linkedin, you can easily find friends and colleagues from everywhere: school, university, places you have worked, personal friends... See how people working in the same sector as you are getting on. This way you can get some ideas of where to look for jobs too.

Contact prospect employers: Most companies have a Linkedin profile nowadays, from the biggest to the smallest. One of the best things about Linkedin is that it dissolves the physical barriers that you would have in the real world for contacting high profile professionals.

Find groups matching your profile: There are hundreds of groups available in the website divided into all kinds of categories. Sign in for the ones you are interested in and see what’s happening within the group. This is particularly useful for getting in touch with professionals from sectors you are interested in.

Get advice from other professionals: Take advantage of the virtual world and network with people from other backgrounds and professional levels. A good piece of advice from someone experienced can be a real asset when you are starting your professional career.

Are you a Linkedin user? Do you think networking helps when looking for graduate jobs?

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