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Welsh students to pay back loans with graduate jobs

Published: Thursday, 17 December 2009   Category: Life after graduation

The Welsh Assembly's subsidies for university education are set to stop, meaning that those with graduate jobs will be subject to paying their student loan back.

Details are being finalised for the Jones Review, which aims to bring Welsh students in line with those in England, and it will mean that graduates in jobs paying over a certain threshold will be taxed.

According to WalesOnline, this shift in financing will have an effect on university education, with students changing their attitudes towards the benefits of taking a degree in order to land a graduate job.

Gareth Evans, journalist for the newspaper, wrote: "[Graduates'] reality is that they are paying for a higher education in order to advance their career prospects and we must ensure that we deliver value for money in this respect."

Shadow schools secretary Michael Gove recently claimed that university leavers taking up graduate jobs in teaching will not have to pay back their student loans if the Conservative party take power at the next election.


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