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Watch what you tweet: how your digital footprint could damage your employability

Published: Thursday, 13 March 2014   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

It's an area that raises all sorts of ethical questions related to your right to privacy but, whether you like it or not, survey after survey has revealed that employers are increasingly using social media as an additional way of screening potential employees. 

And they're not just looking at your carefully constructed LinkedIn profile or that industry-relevant blog you flagged up on your CV. If you've anything out there on the public domain of the web, there's a good chance that potential employers can find it.

Here are some of the main things to watch out for:

Criticising former jobs

Your current or former job/boss might well have been a nightmare but saying so in public doesn't look good. Potential employers don't like to think that you might criticise them as soon as an issue arises. It also looks unprofessional and doesn't exactly mark you out as a team player.

Flaunting your rock 'n' roll lifestyle

Nights out can make great posts for your peers but would you really want potential employers (or even your parents) seeing that dodgy photo of you after doing all those tequila shots at Dave's 21st? 

Make use of privacy settings, de-tag particularly incriminating pictures and think about what you post in public to keep your reputation clean. 

Controversial opinions

One of the thorniest issues, while you pay believe passionately in free speech, not everyone will share your opinions. Employers shouldn't discriminate against you for any political or personal beliefs but anything you say online could colour someone else's opinions of you – either consciously or unconsciously.

Text speak

Not every post you make has to be a grammatically correct, meticulously constructed piece of prose. It can be particularly difficult to cram everything you want to say into 140 characters but pg aftr pg of txt speak is unlikely 2 make u seem like a gr8 bet.

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