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Wales, Scotland and the north of England 'badly affected' by unemployment

Published: Monday, 09 May 2011   Category: All Graduate job news

People looking for graduate opportunities may find that they are more prevalent in London and the south-east of England, compared to the rest of the country.

That is because not-for-profit firm Work Wise UK has revealed that these areas have been affected least by rising unemployment, while Wales and the north-east of England have been hit hardest.

Phil Flaxton, chief executive officer of Work Wise UK, spoke about which regions of the United Kingdom have been most affected by rising joblessness.

"Well unfortunately it tends to be the usual ones [that are affected], Wales, the north-east, parts of the north-west [and] Scotland," he said.

"Wales and the north-east are probably the two that are at the top of the league compared to London and the south-east, which, whilst it is not easy, they are not badly affected."

The Scottish National Party gained an historic victory in the recent elections. The pro-independence political party now has a majority in Holyrood, which may lead to more investment in Scottish jobs.

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