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University of Warwick’s WMG focuses on manufacturing sector

Published: Friday, 21 August 2015   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

The founder and chairman of WMG at the University of Warwick believes that although people’s mind-sets towards manufacturing are changing, more still needs to be done.

Lord Bhattacharyya of WMG – formerly the Warwick Manufacturing Group – sees working with businesses as a key part of the process.

By getting people involved with highly skilled sectors, it should encourage others from both graduate and non-graduate backgrounds to get involved.

In the long term this should provide a massive boost to the economy but Lord Bhattacharyya warned that the skills base needs to be developed first.

He pointed to the example of Japan where there is widespread training and suggested that the UK should follow suit.

The WMG Academy for Young Engineers – a university technical college – opened last September with a focus on “putting real, business focuses, practical problems and challenges at the centre of the curriculum”.

It also has strong ties with Jaguar Land Rover, based in Coventry, which is helping to develop key skills that engineers and those looking at a career in manufacturing will need.

WMG is in the process of training up 600 staff to degree level from the car manufacturer with a particular focus on product engineering and manufacturing engineering.

July 2015 also saw the first master’s student on the Technical Accreditation Scheme graduate while Jaguar Land Rover staff have also completed 200,000 hours of study when taking part in the programme.

Lord Bhattacharyya was at the forefront of developing the programme, which enables students to gain qualifications alongside valuable practical experience.

“I don’t want them to have a second-class qualification, I want exactly the same qualification as the engineers from this university or any university will get,” he explained.

Jaguar Land Rover also recently set up the Jaguar Learning Academy, based at WMG, which highlights how far the partnership has come.

The scale of the WMG is huge, with hundreds of apprenticeships, undergraduate roles and alternatives available for those with an interest in engineering.

Grad Plus has a wide range of graduate training schemes that relate to various engineering roles

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