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University of Cambridge receives £4.1m research grant

Published: Tuesday, 20 October 2015   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

One of the UK’s major education institutions will receive a multi-million pound grant to help drive innovative scientific research.

During a visit to the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Mathematics, Universities Minister Jo Johnson announced that the £4.1 million has been awarded to the institution.

As part of the Grand Challenges in Engineering project, the funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is set to support studies looking at ways of improving air quality and reducing pollution.

Mr Johnson highlighted the importance of collaboration between businesses and research teams at the UK’s leading universities, suggesting it is vital to the economy.

He also pointed to the potential of STEM roles, adding that the research grants would enable more people to get involved in ground-breaking projects.

The latest grant should enable research into the ways of maintaining clean water supplies around the world, while also discovering ways of restoring the balance between engineering and natural systems in the major cities across the planet.

Mr Johnson added that many STEM roles provide fantastic levels of job satisfaction and that is should be something that the students of today aspire to.

He also showcased the need for students to consider STEM related A-level subjects due to the wide array of opportunities that are available.

The research project at Cambridge will look into the effects of urban heat islands in major cities by looking into ways that air flow interacts with built structures.

Studies of urban planning and the role of green spaces should also provide insights into the best approaches to take when looking to improve air quality.

Mr Johnson said that the Government is keen to invest into both science and engineering in the UK, before adding that institutions like Cambridge will have a vital role to play.

Developments at the major institutions should help to develop methods and technologies that can have a positive influence on many sectors across the country.

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