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UK performs strongly in global university rankings

Published: Tuesday, 06 October 2015   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

The UK has reaffirmed its position as a leader in global higher education after 34 of its institutions appeared in the Times Higher Education top 200.

Meanwhile, 78 universities appeared in the top 800, meaning the UK is second to only the USA for top quality facilities.

The universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London all appear in the global top 10, while the California Institute of Technology held on to top spot for a fifth consecutive year.

Europe has also strengthened its position in the rankings, with 105 universities featuring in the top 200 – an increase on the 87 recorded last year.

The rankings tables focus on a wide range of factors, including teaching quality, research production and international outlook (focusing on overseas staff and student numbers for example).

Of the 34 UK institutions in the top 200, 30 of them rose in the rankings compared to 2014, with only Manchester, York, Sussex and Royal Holloway falling.

Several universities jumped by significant margins too, including Warwick, St Andrews and Exeter, while Reading, Dundee and Newcastle all re-established their positions in the top 200 after failing to make the cut last time out.

The USA still dominates the global ranking but its dominance has dropped slightly from 2014 – just six universities appear in the top ten now compared to seven last year for example.

Meanwhile 29 US universities appear in the top 100, a fall from the 45 recorded last year.

Europe is helping to challenge the dominance, and the appearance of the Swiss Federal Institute of 
Technology in ninth position marks the first time in a decade that an institution from outside the US or UK has made it into the top ten.

Germany and the Netherlands have 32 institutions between them in the top 200 while five from France, as well as three each from Spain and Italy also make the list.

Editor of the rankings Phil Baty said the UK is “a stand-out performer” although he suggested that continued investment into higher education is needed to ensure it maintains its position.

The global top ten in the rankings were as follows:

1. California Institute of Technolgoy
2. University of Oxford
3. Stanford University
4. University of Cambridge
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6. Harvard University
7. Princeton University
8. Imperial College London
9. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
10. University of Chicago

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