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UK IT jobs not under threat from off-shoring

Published: Monday, 09 July 2007   Category: Science, IT and Engineering

Fears that the marketplace for UK IT jobs is dwindling due to increased business outsourcing to Asian countries are unfounded, a new report has claimed.

Amid increased technological advances in India and, more recently, China, some white-collar workers in the UK have begun to voice fears that many job roles may soon be under threat as companies increasingly look to off-shore their IT contracts to low-cost operators from aboard.

A new report by the Work Foundation, however, dismisses these concerns, with figures showing that UK job opportunities in sectors commonly seen as vulnerable to outsourcing have continued to increase at a rapid rate in recent years.

"The evidence suggests that while trade in services between the UK and India is certainly rising, it is not happening nearly as fast as is sometimes imagined - an increase from 0.4 per cent to 1.2 per cent between 1995 and 2004 - less of an explosion more of a slow evolution," commented Katerina Rudiger, author of the report.

"Technology has always led to people being displaced from some lines of work into others, but what is not happening is a straightforward jobs migration from north to south, west to east," added Ms Rudiger.

The report also found that a relatively small amount of UK job losses in the first quarter of 2007 - just 5.5 per cent - were due to work being sent abroad.ADNFCR-1068-ID-18205079-ADNFCR

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