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UK interviewers are least likely to check Facebook

Published: Thursday, 19 March 2009   Category: Career Advice

Those looking for graduate jobs at the moment will be relieved to find that a new study by employment advice company Development Dimensions International (DDI) has said that UK interviewers are the least likely to check Facebook accounts.

Only 12 per cent of UK interviewers said that they would look at online profile sites such as Myspace and Facebook, which often contain personal information and photographs, compared to twice that amount in Germany.

Also, less than a third of candidates do not consider what they write on networking sites to have any effect on their employability.

Steve Newhall, vice president for Europe at DDI, said: "It appears that jobseekers are quite naive about how personal information on social networking sites is used," and added that "interviewers should also realise that much of what is put there is for fun".

The survey comes after Chris Morall, a graduate recruitment careers management expert, recently told graduates to "clean up" their Facebook pages before applying for jobs.


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