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UK employers hiring online doubles

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Online hiring is the dominant method businesses use to employ freelance workers nowadays.

According to the latest Elance’s European Online Employment Report, since July 2011 there has been a 55% increase in the hiring of web freelancers by UK businesses.

This figure exceeds the overall 53% increase spent by European businesses in total; the biggest increases have been registered in Italy (+87%), Norway (+69%) and France (+64%).

Online graduate recruitment

London businesses accounted for a majority of freelance contractors, closely followed by Birmingham, Reading and Edinburgh.

Among other data, the Elance’s report also reveals that the UK is the top hiring European country and was the third biggest hiring country worldwide during the period going from July to September.

On top of this, the UK is now the eighth largest online freelance economy in the world and is one of the leader countries heading the contractor earnings league table – alongside the Ukraine, Russia and Romania.

A leading country

“The UK is at the forefront of the online worker trend in Europe,” said Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance.

“Across the country, businesses are embracing the flexibility that a freelance workforce offers and contractors are snapping up opportunities to work online at a time when traditional employment routes are flat-lining.”

Flexible graduates

In comparison to last year, 2011’s figures from Regus also reveal a 34% increase in employers’ preference for hiring low-risk and flexible workers, including freelancers, remote staff and also recent graduates.

Furthermore, research also found that while 61% of international firms plan to recruit more staff in the next two years, only 49% of national firms are thinking about doing so.

Is freelancing an option you may consider as a way of graduate employment? Would you take a graduate job which requires flexible working?

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