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Two Thirds of Graduates Hail Skills Gained at University

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Results from the most recent Graduate Survey reveal some interesting views regarding university degrees and the role they have in eventually securing a graduate position.

A poll conducted by one of the UK's leading site for finding employment, reed.co.uk, revealed that a majority of recent graduates find their degree useful in landing that first job, despite the high price of university fees and the high rates of unemployment that they have to contend with.

Of the 679 graduates surveyed who had attended university, a third (34%) believed their degree was indispensible and a further third (32%) found that it had been 'somewhat useful'. The remaining 34% said that they had not used any of the information or skills acquired at university in their first employment following graduation.

“The findings suggest the outlook for students, graduates and anyone considering taking a place at university is less bleak than the media may have us believe,” said Mark Rhodes from reed.co.uk.

Rhodes pointed out that despite university hardly being a ‘low cost option’, with more than a third of graduates indicating that their degree has been indispensible in their first job, there are compelling reasons as to why it's a worthwhile investment.

“Very few degrees equip graduates with the skills required to walk straight in to a career, so it's crucial to approach future employment with a resilient and open mind, always considering what transferable skills you can take the jobs market.”

Disappointed graduates

Nevertheless, further figures from a reed.co.uk survey revealed that only 56% of all UK graduates think their university course helped them to find employment.

These figures also showed that 70% of health and medicine students either ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that their degrees better equipped them for the workplace. Nearly 44% of engineering students said they would choose a different course altogether if they could go back though.

What do you think? Has your degree equipped you for your initial employment after graduation?

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